Ever wondered what to do with those outgrown/no longer worn cherished outfits which you want to keep but never look at?  Why don't you let me transform them into an item that you can see everyday?  How about a memory bear (or other animal), which could sit on a shelf, or a quilt which you could throw over your lap whilst you read or watch TV, or a cushion that could sit on a chair or bed?

These lovely bespoke keepsakes made the ideal gifts for all sorts of occasions - or just treat yourself!  Gift vouchers are available too, and can be given as gifts before the baby is born, and then when the first few items are outgrown, mum can send me the clothing, voucher and baby's name and date of birth which can be embroidered.

The new quilts make lovely presents for baby showers, and I am quite happy to customise the size/colour to your choice.  If a present for a new arrival, I can personalise with the baby's details.

It can also be a nice idea to have a cushion, or bear, or blanket made out of items worn by loved ones that are no longer with us, and can give great comfort.  Personalisation is available and can be a name, a verse or anything else that will bring back memories.