The Football Ramble Forum Copyright (c) 2018 ExpressionEngine,2018:02:24 Rugby Union,2012:index.php/forum/viewthread/.5651 2012-01-23T00:21:49Z Jogi and his Amazing Blue Coloured Sweater We have other sports threads so I’m making this one. The 6 Nations starts in two weeks and I believe Ireland will win. They have a stable side with world class players mainly from Europe’s top two club/provincial sides who have done really well in the Heineken Cup in recent years.

First Goal Wins 17/18: Open for bennes (whatever that means),2017:index.php/forum/viewthread/.9675 2017-09-05T09:30:16Z 2018-01-05T00:40:59Z Juan Flo Evra B_8IBp.gif

Simple premise, before every Premier League Gamesweek (GW), you have to pick ONE player who you think will score the quickest goal in that GW.

The rules :

- The quickest goal is determined as the earliest goal scored in the earliest minute of all the matches across the games week. The date of the match is irrelevant.

- You get ONE pick per GW

- You can pick any player you want, it doesn’t matter if someone else has the same pick.

- Your choice MUST be made from the games listed in the Gamesweek (GW) in the Original Post (OP). If the game isn’t listed, tough.

- Scoring goes as follows :

100 points = correctly guess the goalscorer
25 points = correctly guess the team
10 points = correctly guess the match

- If the first goal is an Own Goal, the same scoring as above will apply.

- Your submission for 1st goalscorer MUST BE IN BEFORE KICK-OFF ON THE FIRST GAME OF THE GW

- All points will be accumulative across the whole season.

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Current Leaderboard :

1. Hunter : 250 pts
2. MattFool : 125pts
= Ancien Homme Toon : 125pts
= gp543 : 125pts
5. Shandy : 100 pts
6. Hank Scorpio : 50pts
= Sid : 50pts
8. Noelix : 45pts
= RKMF : 45pts
10. Vincelot : 35pts
= SatNav : 35pts
= Nickperson : 35pts
13. GFM : 25pts
= Juan Flo : 25pts

Previous Gamesweeks

Gamesweek 1 : Chris Wood - BURNLEY vs. Crystal Palace
Gamesweek 2 : Antonio Valencia - MAN UTD vs. Everton
Gamesweek 3 : Alvaro Morata - Stoke vs. CHELSEA
Gamesweek 4 : Juan Mata - MAN UTD vs. Crystal Palace
Gamesweek 5 : Cesar Azpilicueta (OG) - CRYSTAL PALACE vs. Chelsea
Gamesweek 6 : Harry Kane - TOTTENHAM vs. Liverpool
Gamesweek 7 : Steven Davis - Brighton vs. SOUTHAMPTON
Gamesweek 8 : Kevin De Bruyne - MAN CITY vs. Arsenal
Gamesweek 9 : James McArthur - CRYSTAL PALACE vs. Everton
Gamesweek 10 : Salomon Rondon - Tottenham vs. WEST BROM
Gamesweek 11 : Alexandre Lacazette - ARSENAL vs. Huddersfield
Gamesweek 12 : Wilfried Bony - Stoke City vs. SWANSEA
Gamesweek 13 : Charlie Austin - SOUTHAMPTON vs. Arsenal
Gamesweek 14 : Daryl Janmaat - Crystal Palace vs. WATFORD
Gamesweek 15 : Elias Kachunga - Watford vs. HUDDERSFIELD
Gamesweek 16 : Marco Arnautovic - WEST HAM vs. Newcastle
Gamesweek 17 : Ashley Barnes - Man Utd vs. BURNLEY

Europa League 17-18,2017:index.php/forum/viewthread/.9663 2017-07-04T20:43:36Z 2017-07-04T20:50:34Z Hank Scorpio This time last season I started the Champions League thread so I could laugh at Celtic losing the first leg of their tie to those Gibraltarian lads; this year I’m starting the Europa League thread so I can laugh at Rangers getting knocked out by a side from Luxembourg. Wonderful scenes.

2014 Winter Olympics,2014:index.php/forum/viewthread/.8149 2014-02-07T20:38:06Z Sid It’s all about the Curling, obviously.

Did anyone catch the opening ceremony? I was hoping some gay rights people would stage a protest somewhere.

The OFFICIAL Transfer Rumour Thread,2011:index.php/forum/viewthread/.2051 2011-01-13T17:55:54Z 2012-07-06T11:38:02Z Luke As requested by BigDan83, get all your transfer tittle-tattle here top hat

Ramble Album Club,2018:index.php/forum/viewthread/.9703 2018-01-07T17:30:34Z 2018-02-19T10:25:37Z Juan Flo Evra An idea born from the fact I seem to have missed every single release last year, been listening to a lot of Truth & Movies podcast & something Josh Widdicombe said on the Elis James & John Robins podcast.

Ramble Album Club

Each week we choose 3 albums for us all to give a listen to. Then in this thread we can post our reviews, favourite tracks, least favourite tracks & in general just chat about the album with fellow people. The simple premise is to listen to more music as I know I’ve been in a bit of a rut with listening to the same stuff recently.

We’ll stick to 3 albums per week to begin with, you can listen to only 1 of them, are all 3 of you like. It’s completely up to you. Your review should include :

- A general review. Can be as long or short as you like
- A score out of 10

Plan is to be pretty diverse with the album selection. Plan currently is :

- a curated new release
- a Classic album. Will work our way through a combination of different media outlets ‘must listen to/best of all time album lists
- a wildcard album

- - -

Ramble Album Club : Week 7

New album : Car Seat Headrest - Twin Fantasy

Twin Fantasy.jpg

Classic Album : Guns N’ Roses - ‘Appetite for Destruction’

Wildcard : OutKast - Speakerboxxx/The Love Below





The Wrestling Thread,2010:index.php/forum/viewthread/.1121 2010-11-11T15:03:27Z 2015-04-11T11:30:44Z LQuick If you could pick any footballer to a wrestler who would it be?  Would they be heel or face?  What would they wear? What would be thier catchphrase?  What would be the finishing move?

Stevie Gerrard

Name:  Dead Pan Steve Gerrard (As in stone cold steve austin)

Entrance Music: In the air tonight - Phil Collins

He would be face but only to Liverpool fans - heel to us normal people.

Finishing move would be a belly flop but platoon stylee like he does when he dives.

Wouldn’t have a catchphrase as nobody can understand a word he says

Ramble v Lawro game: FA CUP version. Get involved.,2017:index.php/forum/viewthread/.9668 2017-08-07T23:17:55Z 2018-01-05T12:19:17Z Wizard “Stop it, Wizard. It’s not worth it! You’ll be crushed again, you’ll fail at basic arithmetic and you’ll lose the will to live”

I take a drag of my cigarette, and stare out the window. His face haunts me, his voice haunts me, his predictions haunt me. Lawro, my everest. You may have won two battles, but this is a war. A war to prove that sneery football punditry can be defeated by the might of the ordinary folk. We will predict on the beach, we will predict in football grounds, we will predict at the last minute having realised we haven’t done it yet. But we will never surrender.


No need to sign up. Predict away.

Arsenal 2 Leicester City 0
Watford 1 Liverpool 3
Everton 1 Stoke 0
Crystal Palace 1 Huddersfield 2
Southampton 2 Swansea 1
West Brom 1 Bournemouth 1
Chelsea 3 Burnley 0
Brighton 1 Man City 3
Newcastle 1 Tottenham 1
Man United 2 West Ham 0

The Image Thread,2012:index.php/forum/viewthread/.5843 2012-03-06T14:29:13Z 2015-02-05T08:30:58Z AViD We have the brilliant GIF Thread but I don’t think there is one just for images so whilst I am stumbling/skiving/working from home, I’ve been internetting and found this for a kick off. It made me laugh but I know you can do better.


Can be funny, inspiring, beautiful or bizarre. Just don’t be dull

Champions’ League 17/18 Thread,2017:index.php/forum/viewthread/.9662 2017-06-19T19:29:32Z Carl Cort's Hamstring Qualifying draw today, and there’s the potential for Linfield to play Celtic in Belfast on 12th July…