The Football Ramble Forum The Football Ramble Forum en Copyright 2017 2017-11-18T09:09:26+00:00 First Goal Wins 17/18: Prediction time kiddos <p><img src="" alt="B_8IBp.gif"} /></p> <p>Simple premise, before every Premier League Gamesweek (GW), you have to pick <strong>ONE</strong> player who you think will score the quickest goal in that GW.</p> <p>The rules :</p> <p>- The quickest goal is determined as the earliest goal scored in the earliest minute of all the matches across the games week. <strong>The date of the match is irrelevant.</strong></p> <p>- You get <strong>ONE</strong> pick per GW</p> <p>- You can pick any player you want, it doesn’t matter if someone else has the same pick.</p> <p>- Your choice <strong>MUST</strong> be made from the games listed in the Gamesweek (GW) in the Original Post (OP). If the game isn’t listed, tough.</p> <p>- Scoring goes as follows :</p> <p><span style="color:green;">100 points = correctly guess the goalscorer</span><br /> <span style="color:blue;">25 points = correctly guess the team</span><br /> <span style="color:orange;">10 points = correctly guess the match</span></p> <p>- If the first goal is an Own Goal, the same scoring as above will apply.</p> <p>- Your submission for 1st goalscorer <strong>MUST BE IN BEFORE KICK-OFF ON THE FIRST GAME OF THE GW</strong> </p> <p>- All points will be accumulative across the whole season.</p> <p> <br /> - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -</p> <p><br /> <strong><span style="font-size:20px;">Current Leaderboard</span> </strong>:</p> <p>1. Hunter : 150 pts<br /> 2. MattFool : 125pts<br /> = Ancien Homme Toon : 125pts<br /> 4. Shandy : 100 pts<br /> 5. Vincelot : 35pts<br /> = Noelix : 35pts<br /> = SatNav : 35pts<br /> 8. Hank Scorpio : 25pts<br /> = Nickperson : 25pts<br /> = Sid : 25pts<br /> = GFM : 25pts<br /> = Juan Flo : 25pts<br /> = gp543 : 25pts<br /> 14. RKMF : 10pts</p> <p><strong><span style="font-size:20px;">Previous Gamesweeks</span></strong></p> <p><a href="">Gamesweek 1 : Chris Wood - BURNLEY vs. Crystal Palace</a><br /> <a href="">Gamesweek 2 : Antonio Valencia - MAN UTD vs. Everton</a><br /> <a href="">Gamesweek 3 : Alvaro Morata - Stoke vs. CHELSEA</a><br /> <a href="">Gamesweek 4 : Juan Mata - MAN UTD vs. Crystal Palace</a><br /> <a href="">Gamesweek 5 : Cesar Azpilicueta (OG) - CRYSTAL PALACE vs. Chelsea</a><br /> <a href="">Gamesweek 6 : Harry Kane - TOTTENHAM vs. Liverpool</a><br /> <a href="">Gamesweek 7 : Steven Davis - Brighton vs. SOUTHAMPTON</a><br /> <a href="">Gamesweek 8 : Kevin De Bruyne - MAN CITY vs. Arsenal</a> </p> 2017-09-05T09:30:16+00:00 The OFFICIAL .GIF Thread (NSFW) <p>I don’t know if something like this has been done before, but here goes anyway</p> <p>Post an interesting and/or amusing GIF</p> <p>This one really cracks me up for some reason</p> <p><img src="" alt="spiderman.gif"} /> </p> 2011-03-17T14:06:05+00:00 The Gaming Thread <p>We’ve had a few FIFA and FM/CM threads, but how about games outside of the football circle?&nbsp; Anyone nerd it up on a regular occasion like myself?</p> <p>The end of October/start of November is going to cost me a big chunk of my pay cheque - Rock Band 3 (£65 for a keytar is jokes.. but it is a keytar..), Fable 3, Force Unleashed 2, Fallout New Vegas, FM 2011, OH MY. </p> 2010-10-12T14:46:01+00:00 The Official 2018 World Cup Build-Up Thread <p>It’s the greatest 31 days in the calendar, the wonderful month that makes the previous 47 shitfests worth living through, it’s (as of now) exactly THIRTY-ONE weeks until la Coupe du Monde, die Weltmeisterschaft, la Copa Mundial, the 21st World Cup. Forget your tedious, perpetually disappointing club side and enjoy the true peak of football - 64 glorious games of fast-kicking, low-scoring, and ties.</p> <p>As a reminder, the countries competing to be crowned the greatest nation on Earth will be:<br /> UEFA: Russia, England, Germany, Spain, Portugal, France, Serbia, Belgium, Croatia, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Poland, Iceland<br /> CONMEBOL: Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Peru<br /> CONCACAF: Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama<br /> CAF: Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Nigeria, Senegal<br /> AFC: Japan, South Korea, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Australia</p> <p>Important dates:<br /> 1st December – Group Stage draw<br /> 26th May – End of European season<br /> 14th June – Opening match</p> <p>Will add any more important information as and when it becomes available but for now: kit chat, squad chat, big player injury chat, pre-tournament friendly chat, sticker album chat. Get. It. In. Here.<br /> <img src="" alt="1MI1LLlzQ9PXxayVUOaYg1qaQX4=.gif"} /></p> <p>(As if I was ever going to let anyone else start this thread)</p> 2017-11-16T09:27:07+00:00 Peter Crouch - Newspaper Columnist <p>Peter’s got himself a column in the Daily Mail, usually footballers columns aren’t worth reading, but I think his may be different.</p> <p>Shame about the choice of paper.</p> <blockquote><p>I never thought I’d get to see Wonderwall played live again in my lifetime, so being four rows from the front was an experience — even if it wasn’t for the people behind me!</p></blockquote> <p><br /> I can’t see a “Peter was talking to X” so it seems he’s literally writing it himself. </p> 2017-11-17T19:40:21+00:00 The Championship roll call - 2016/17 thread <p>So I wanted to make a thread (for obvious reason) who do we have that are patrons of the championship and it’s sides? I know we have some newcastle fans but who else</p> <p>bmb - Wolves (Italy’s biggest UK team…apparently)<br /> Shandy - Newcastle<br /> Hillface - Fulham<br /> Randy Baton - Villa<br /> Tummy, EighteenSixty7 - Owls of Sheffield<br /> Gerard Francis Mullet - QPR<br /> Slumdog Willianaire - Derby<br /> Nige - Norwich<br /> David Clucas, Morten Gramps Pedersen - Blackburn </p> 2016-08-05T22:25:48+00:00 Fußball-Bundesliga <p><img src=";oe=5438C574&amp;__gda__=1413963655_ff46262f849261f6e44f987f60409e0b" alt="10487313_10152269096248030_6526889201583614384_n.jpg?oh=3a8e5817640aeaf23ddd045331ff47c2&amp;oe=5438C574&amp;__gda__=1413963655_ff46262f849261f6e44f987f60409e0b"} /></p> <p>Sammer is already complaining that the world cups only purpose is to weaken Bayerns start into the season, because they are the only team with international players. Other managers agreed and said “it’s our only chance to hurt them”. Great mentality.<br /> Jürgen Klopp said he doesn’t want to sell any players, Bayern said they don’t want to buy any players, so Reus will probably be in the red and blue shirt by the end of the week. <br /> Köln is back.<br /> Paderborn is also a team apparently.<br /> Wolfsburg are setting themselves up to be disappointing again and are unable to buy a striker.<br /> The Kicker is rating the Bundesliga players again, are very harsh. (Only defender who is world class is Mats Hummels, Jerome Boateng is “actually not a player of international class”)</p> <p>It’s going to be great. </p> 2014-07-24T11:09:17+00:00 Currently listening to… <p>I’m sure this used to be a thread, can’t find it though…</p> <p>Anyway :</p> <p><img src="" alt="51PD55VA15L.jpg"} /></p> <p><img src="" width="16" height="23" alt="pound" style="border:0;" /></p> <p> </p> 2014-07-10T11:52:57+00:00 The Technology Thread <p>I couldn’t find a technology thread so i thought i’d start one to ask this question (apologies if there is already one but i’m being blind)...</p> <p>Me and my flatmates bought a new tv recently and it was delivered today. It’s a 40 inch 4K LCD tv. I’ve just been flicking through some channels and i’ve noticed that when there is any kind of fast movement or the like, the picture sometimes appears to go slightly blocky or flicky. I’ve never actually owned a HD tv (I know, i’m a dinosaur) and this is probably the first time i’ve noticed something like this even after watching friends HD tvs. Is this a normal thing or is the picture setting? </p> 2015-01-12T21:55:29+00:00 Football Manager 2017 <p>Beta is out tonight, if you pre-ordered. Approx 7pm.</p> <p>GO. </p> 2016-10-18T10:03:02+00:00