Eva Carneiro: White lines? (Don’t do it)

6 March 2015


This is Dr Eva Carneiro. She’s a qualified medical practitioner with an MSc in Sport and Exercise, whose experience includes stints with the British Olympic Medical Institute’s Intensive Rehabilitation Unit and the UK Sports and Exercise Medicine Specialist training programme.

She’s also Chelsea FC’s first team doctor.

Eva was the target of verbal abuse at recent games between Chelsea and Arsenal and Chelsea and Manchester United. A group of grown men shouted “Get your tits out for the lads” and “Show us where you piss from, you slag, show us your minge” at her while she was treating an injured player.

Obviously, it’s pathetic, but I’ve heard worse at football matches.

It’s the inconsistency that kills me.


Imagine for a moment that one of these guys was seriously injured outside the stadium and required immediate medical attention. Carneiro, being both a professional and a normal human being, would treat them, regardless of whether they’d been vile and offensive towards her five minutes earlier.

But would they have the nuts to scream “Get your tits out for the lads” into her face as she helped them? Or even refuse her assistance on the basis that she’s female and, according to their logic, an inferior object?

Doubtful. So why does the white line between the stands and the pitch make a difference?

Seriously. Pull yourselves together. For the sake of your mothers and daughters, if nothing else.


By Kelly Welles

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