Statement on the release of Andy Gray and Richard Keys video

3 February 2014

On Thursday 30th January, we received a thirty second video of Richard Keys and Andy Gray behaving in an inappropriate manner towards a Sky Sports colleague.

We decided it was in the public interest to release said video, which we did.

The Football Ramble Ltd has no formal or informal relationship with Sky Sports or their subsidiary companies, nor have we sought to profit financially from the video.

In the coming hours and days several newspapers would contact us, asking if we’d be happy to provide an unbranded version (minus our watermark) of the video in return for varying amounts of money – we realised this would be an opportunity to secure a sizeable donation for a leading women’s charity.

This ‘bidding war’ brought us to a total of £1000, with no newspaper willing to go any higher for an exclusive, unbranded version.

With the price at a level within our own means, we decided to hold on to the unbranded footage. This meant we could donate to the charity anyway from our pocket, thus not depriving them of the potential windfall, and deny the mainstream media the chance to use the footage to generate revenue for themselves and drive their own particular agenda.

The footage speaks for itself and needs no media narrative. The polarised, and in our opinion, shocking debate on the comments section beneath the video on YouTube is testament to this.

We have donated the £1000 potential revenue raised from the sale of the footage to Eaves – a charity dedicated to providing frontline support and advocacy for the most vulnerable women in our society.

If you’d also like to donate to a worthwhile and hard-working group – head to

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